Psychotherapy invoice template

Download our free invoice template and input your details.

Free Invoicing template

Need to send a psychotherapy invoice to a customer? Download our free invoice template in Word or Excel format. You can also follow our tips for sending an invoice that complies with the industry regulations.


Free Psychotherapy Invoice Template
How much do psychotherapists bill?
Essential requirements for a psychotherapy invoice template
Sample invoice
Is it mandatory to issue a psychotherapy invoice?
Psychotherapy invoice alternatives

Free Psychotherapy Invoice Template

Below you’ll find a free invoice template to download in both Word and Excel format:

If you are searching for an invoice template in PDF format, you may use the link above to download our invoice template in Word doc format and then use the print feature to export the file as a PDF.

How much do psychotherapists bill?

On a per-session basis, the cost of therapy may range anywhere from $50 to $220, on average, depending on the specific kind of treatment. The therapist who is delivering the treatment, the venue of the appointment, as well as whether it is performed in person or remotely may all have a significant impact on the rates that are charged for it.

It may be good to investigate what a number of online providers and therapists listings have to say on the costs associated with treatment:

  • BetterHelp is an online counseling service, and the price range for weekly sessions with their professionals is between $60 and $90.
  • An individual session of therapy with a therapist in the United States may cost somewhere between $110 to $220 on average, according to an article that was recently published in the journal Psychology Today.
  • The price of therapy may range anywhere from $60 per hour to $270 per hour.

Essential elements on a psychotherapist invoice

These examples of invoices are very easy to modify so that they may fulfill the criteria of your own business. To accomplish this, just follow the link that has been provided above to obtain the document, and then enter in your data in the areas that have been provided for them.

The following essential criteria, which are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, must be met by a commercial document in order for such document to be properly classified as an invoice.

The following ought to be contained in the paper in order to offer a concise summary of its contents:

  • The term “Invoice” was displayed in a typeface that was quite noticeable.
  • The full addresses and names of you and your customers, including your own.
  • The date that is printed on the invoice
  • Date when payment is due for the invoice
  • A particular invoice number
  • A description of the services or products that are now up for grabs in the marketplace.
  • The total sum in addition to the prices of all of the products and services
  • The date on which the consumer first had access to the product or service in question.
  • The whole amount that has to be paid.

Invoice calculations

After you have included these things, you will want to make sure that you input additional data that provides a line evaluation of the Service or Product that you are charging fees your client for, in addition to the specific date and time) on which the customer got it. This will need to be done before you can move on to the next step. If you provide a wide range of services, you may break those services down into their own line items and give each of those line items a different pricing.

To get the total amount that is due for a single paragraph item, you must begin by multiplying the hours worked or the volume by the hourly rate that applies to those particular units of measure. The Excel template that you are using currently takes care of calculating this for you automatically. After this, verify that all of the data is correct by doing a second round of checks on the Overall Total, the Subtotal, and the Total payable (after you have entered the correct tax rate in %).

After finishing this step, all that is needed to do is download the file that contains the invoice, and then email it to the client.


Similar to the sales tax itself, the regulations that govern recordkeeping are not standardized from one state to the next. Make it a habit to check the laws of the state in which your firm is based on a regular basis to ensure that you are in accordance with the specific requirements that have been established, and do not forget to check those laws.

When used in countries other than the U.S., a tax number or an identification number could be included on an invoice document. The tax identifying numbers that businesses are given by the Internal Revenue (IRS) for use in the taxation system do not required to be included on invoices in any way, shape, or form.

Payment collection

It is up to you to decide how payments will be collected. Some business banks provide online resources for invoicing updates, while others, like Novo, provide free invoice creation and management through mobile app.

Sample invoice

The following is an example of a completed sample invoice for a fictional company that needs to bill a fictional client.

Sample of a completed invoice document
Sample completed invoice

Is it mandatory to issue a psychotherapy invoice?

In the United States, the rules regarding invoices are not enforced to the same degree as they are in other countries. For B2C transactions, an invoice isn’t necessary, therefore a payment receipt is all that has to be issued. In contrast hand, if a customer (or consumer) demands an invoice, you should issue one.

If your organization does business with other businesses or trades goods internationally, you may need to provide invoices to your clients. Before you start invoicing clients, you should check with the state government to be sure you’re doing it legally.

The specifics may vary by state, but existing contractual agreements between the parties are more likely to serve as a guide than any specific statutory phrase. In addition, whether you sell products online or to customers in a distant nation or area, it is highly recommended that you give invoices.

Psychotherapy invoice alternatives

Invoice templates are helpful when you need something quick and easy. There is a definite risk of either customer or corporate data being compromised due to the manual nature of entering the statistics and client information.

Invoices that were formerly legal may cause trouble if they don’t conform to the current standards for billing. Instead, we recommend using accounting software to create invoices that are uniform, reliable, and present your business in the best light possible.

Reliable monthly invoices may be created for pennies to tens of dollars, and you’ll have access to a plethora of additional time-saving options, such as:

  • Management based on the needs of the customer
  • Individualized pricing and invoicing are offered.
  • Operations administration for suppliers
  • Indicator of the bank’s balance sheet reconciliation
  • Estimation of Taxes
  • Information filing
  • invoices are published using an auto-numbering mechanism
  • As a result of digitizing formerly laborious administrative tasks (Tax)
  • Maintaining a consistent payment schedule
  • Paying your bills online


What is an invoice?

Invoices are documents sent by sellers to customers in order to request payment. It factors in the cost of any products purchased or services rendered to the customer.

How to send an invoice?

Customers may be billed through traditional postal service, electronic mail, or billing automation software. You will have to print out your invoice and mail it to the customer if they do not have accessibility to either emails or an automated billing system.

What is an invoice number?

Invoice numbers are used so that each bill you send out may be tracked back to its original source. This number may be generated automatically by your invoicing software, or you can create a unique one by hand before submitting the invoice.

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