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Northwest Registered Agent


Northwest Registered Agent is an online business creation and registered agent service based out of Spokane, Washington. Since its inception in 1998, they’ve assisted in the setup of over 2 million companies. The following is our review of Northwest.


  • Superb customer service
  • Pricing is very reasonable
  • Fast company formation and same day filing
  • Strong privacy and data protection


  • Cost for EIN service
Logo of Northwest Registered Agent.

Northwest Registered Agent

Logo of Northwest Registered Agent.

Northwest Registered Agent


Northwest Registered Agent is an online business creation and registered agent service based out of Spokane, Washington. Since its inception in 1998, they’ve assisted in the setup of over 2 million companies. The following is our review of Northwest.


  • Superb customer service
  • Pricing is very reasonable
  • Fast company formation and same day filing
  • Strong privacy and data protection


  • Cost for EIN service


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Summary of our opinion

Don’t have time to read it all? Here is a summary of our opinion on Northwest Registered Agent, to better assist you in comprehending whether Northwest Registered Agent is a good choice for you or not!

Northwest Registered Agent primarily provides registered agent services but also assists with business creation. The business concentrates on offering exceptional customer service from representatives all around the United States, and it claims never to sell your data.

Northwest has trademarked their own slogan “We’re Just Not Annoying” and they do indeed match these high expectations with outstanding pricing and value for the service provided as well as really easy to set up an order to create your LLC. 

In summary, Northwest Registered Agent makes it simple and fast to access legal experts to set up your business quickly and easily and also to DIY the creation of documents you need for your business through their dashboard. 

For a full in-depth review, the following is our opinion of Northwest Registered Agent in detail.

Northwest Registered Agent fees

Northwest only provides one choice for incorporating a business, in contrast to many of their rivals that provide a variety of options that come in the form of pre-packaged features.

Although this plan may not include all of the “bells and whistles” that some other company formation services advertise, the fact that this is one of the reasons why so many business owners select Northwest is a big part of the reason.

They are committed to supplying you with whatever you need while excluding everything you don’t call for. There will be no upsells from Northwest, and your information will never be shared with third-party partners in an effort to improve the company’s profit.

LLC formation$39 + state fees
Registered Agent serviceFree the 1st year, $125 per year thereafterAccepts state notices for your LLC
Address privacyFreeKeeps your address off public record
Optional add-on services
Annual Report Compliance service$100 + state fees
EIN service$50Obtain IRS tax ID
Operating Agreement$50Between the LLC owners (Members)
Certificate of Good Standing$50Required to do biz. in other states
Certified Copy$60 Certify the authenticity of your paperwork
Phone serviceFree for the first 60 days, then $9/month. Phone line provided for your biz.

For entrepreneurs, startups and professionals who need to setup an LLC or similar company, Northwest Registered Agent’s customer support is a breath of fresh air and very reassuring for businesses to know their questions can be promptly answered by an expert.

Who should use Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent is aimed at individual entrepreneurs, startups and professionals. Larger firms or companies with very specific needs may have internal teams dedicated to managing these matters or already have established connections with specialized lawyers. 

Northwest offers industry-leading customer service and support. For businesses looking for premium customer service and the best price, Northwest Registered Agent ($39 + state fee) to form your Limited Liability Company is just the ticket service for you.

The easy checkout process and no-pressure upsells makes Northwest stand out from the competition, something which entrepreneurs will certainly value. 

Services from Northwest Registered Agent

Testing Northwest Registered Agent

Document creation

To test the service offered by Northwest Registered Agent, we decided to take advantage of various elements on the official website including creating documents. 

Accessing free legal documents was very straightforward on the Northwest website. The process to access LLC documents was as follows: 

  • > Homepage
  • > Get Free Legal Docs
  • > LLC Forms > See All Forms 
  • > LLC Operating Agreement > Free LLC Operating Agreement 
Northwest Registered Agent Operating Agreement LLC
Download an Operating Agreement document

This opened up the document in an editable PDF allowing the user to easily enter their LLC company details and other information. Users can then download this PDF for their own use and distribution.

Creating an LLC order with Northwest Registered Agent

Employing the assistance of a company that provides incorporation services allows for significant time savings and streamlines the business creation procedure.

It is possible that using some online services will still give you the impression that you are doing the filing on your own. However, the procedure is really brisk and uncomplicated when working with Northwest.

To create an order to form a new company, the steps were as follows:

  • Order info
    • What Kind Of Business Would You Like To Start?
    • What State Would You Like To Setup Your Business? 
    • How Would You Wish To Be Billed?
  • Company Details
    • Business Name
    • Business Purpose
    • Physical Address
    • Mailing Address
  • Company Management type & # of members/names
  • Account Setup email & password
  • Contact Details
  • Optional add-ons (have Northwest file your compliance filing etc)
  • Payment
Company formation steps

Good to know: The document is saved on the go, allowing users to come back at a later time to finish the setup. 

The process was very smooth, mostly involving simple button selections and could be completed within 5 minutes.

Services offered by Northwest Registered Agent

Here we take a look at the services offered by Northwest Registered Agent to entrepreneurs and startups.

Northwest Registered Agent supports firms with:

LLC formation service

Northwest offers customers 3 ways to start their LLC: 

  1. DIY: Northwest team walks the customer through the LLC setup process
  2. Pay monthly: LLC formation by Northwest and pay 12 monthly payments
  3. Pay in full: LLC formation by Northwest and pay fees upfront  

Northwest offers $39 for the “DIY” service to create your LLC, and you will be responsible for pay any state fees that apply.

If you choose with the “Pay In Full” option, Northwest will cost you $225 to set up your limited liability company in the state and provide registered agent services for a whole year. These services are included in the “Pay In Full” package.

It is essential to be aware that once you begin the process of forming an LLC, you will be required to pay a fee to the state, the amount of which depends on the state you choose.

However, these filing costs are charged to the state (for instance, some states have a 4 Day Filing Time fee of $125). Although it looks like an additional charge from Northwest, these fees are payable to the state.

If you choose the VIP Service, you’ll be required to pay a monthly cost for a period of 12 months, after which you will have the choice to renew your subscription.

The costs of establishing a business and completing paperwork with the state, a registered agent bundle, an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and any necessary renewals are all covered by the VIP Service.

The VIP plan has a variable monthly fee that is determined by the filing fees in your state; for example, the fee in Florida is $37 a month, but in Texas it is $54 per month.

Most firms that help people start businesses provide registered agents as either a standard component of their paid packages or as an optional add-on.

Registered Agent service

Having a registered agent is mandatory when forming an LLC or corporation, regardless of location. A registered agent is a named person or company that agrees to accept legal mail and state notices on behalf of your LLC. 

Northwest Registered Agent offers this service to its customers for free for the first year and $125 per annum afterwards. 

Northwest’s registered agent services go over and above the usual registered agent services by including things like pre-filled state forms, annual report reminders, same-day local scans, scanned and securely stored documents, and limited free mail forwarding. 

Address privacy

Northwest Registered Agent is the sole business setup provider that provides this important service, which helps to reduce the likelihood that your personal information may be disclosed to unauthorized parties.

When it is possible for them to use the address of their own firm instead of the one belonging to your company, they will.

If there is a way for Northwest to minimize the amount of personal information they collect while submitting documents on your behalf, they will do so.

In a nutshell, they will stop at nothing to safeguard the confidentiality of the information pertaining to you and your company. Additionally, Northwest guarantees that it will never sell your personal information.

Lifetime customer support

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned and operated business formation service that is known for its unbeatable customer service.

Northwest Registered Agent can field any questions you may have about business formation in general, or about the particulars or circumstances of your business formation. 

The company carries this family ethos into how it treats customers and prides itself on providing legendary customer support. The support team is 100% in-house and made up of professionally trained Corporate Guides. 

The person answering your phone call has the expertise and knowledge to assist you without transferring you. Northwest offers customer support via phone and email and promises a reply within 24 hours.

Annual Report reminders

Date of submission: While some jurisdictions have a predetermined deadline for submitting yearly reports, others calculate your deadline based on the date that you registered your firm in that state.

Northwest takes the hassle out of this and put customers at ease by providing annual report reminders to assist you in remembering to file, a convenient and practical service removing one less admin item from a startup’s to-do list. 

Online document dashboard

Northwest’s offers a convenient, user-friendly online ordering process.The order forms and checkout pages are laid out in a way that paints a clear picture of each feature’s cost. Their online dashboard, which neatly organizes all of your LLC paperwork, is also very useful.

Checkout stage and Order Summary

Northwest Registered Agent: Customer reviews

When writing this review, Google had more than 422 reviews on the Better Business Bureau with an average rating of 4.6/5. 

Customers tend to be very happy with the professionalism and friendliness of their customer service as well as the expertise and ability to answer legal questions and successfully submit the formation documents required. 

Northwest Registered Agent: Overall verdict

In our opinion, Northwest Registered Agent presents itself as a superb option for entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals who require legal advice and legal documents drafted without spending large sums of money. 

The signup to their service is easy, the customer service is magnificent, the user interface is easy and works as it’s supposed to and Northwest also offers so many free templates that are easy to edit per your needs and download. 

The Northwest Registered Agent’s family certainly reflects in its service, support and pride they take in solving your company formation and legal queries accurately and on time.


Summary of Northwest Registered Agent
Use cases
Test of Northwest
Services offered
Customer reviews
Overall verdict

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