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Incfile was launched in 2004 with the aim of easy formation of business entities and specializes in the formation of LLC’s, C Corporations, S Corporations and Non-profit Corporations. The following is our opinion on Rocket Lawyer.


  • Pricing from $0 + state fees 
  • Unlimited phone and email support 
  • Free registered agent service for 1 year
  • Real-time order tracking tool for final documentation


  • Service pricing add-ons can add up
Logo of IncFile.


Logo of IncFile.



Incfile was launched in 2004 with the aim of easy formation of business entities and specializes in the formation of LLC’s, C Corporations, S Corporations and Non-profit Corporations. The following is our opinion on Rocket Lawyer.


  • Pricing from $0 + state fees 
  • Unlimited phone and email support 
  • Free registered agent service for 1 year
  • Real-time order tracking tool for final documentation


  • Service pricing add-ons can add up


Summary of Incfile
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Document creation test
Services offered
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Summary of our opinion

Short on time? Here’s a summary of our opinion on Incfile, to help you understand whether Incfile is a good choice for you or not!

Incfile is one of the best-known incorporation services on the market today. Known for its free filing plan, this company is hard to beat if you are looking for help with LLC formation.

If you are looking to create a company or association, create documents (contracts, leases, form an LLC, etc.), this can all be achieved by Incfile. 

In summary, Incfile delivers on being the fastest and perhaps one of the easiest online services to set up your LLC. We dug into Incfile’s features, dashboard, pricing, reviews and more, and found Incfile to offer a hugely competitive offering versus its competitors. 

For a full in-depth review, the following is our opinion of Incfile in detail.

About Incfile

IncFile was established in 2004 in the city of Houston, Texas, with the objective of lowering the amount of effort and expenses incurred by consumers throughout the process of registering a company.

The business has built a solid reputation among customers by consistently delivering high-quality work at reasonable prices.

Incfile was able to shorten the process of business creation and develop a group of specialists by merging their knowledge with technology.

As a result, it is now much easier and quicker to launch and sustain a start-up business as it grows into a complete company.

They provide companies and individuals with a range of services including:

  • Formation services
  • Creating legal forms and documents online
  • File a trademark
  • Acting as your firm’s Registered Agent
  • Employer tax ID and IRS paperwork

Incfile pricing

Prior to Incfile’s launch, company formation and producing the necessary documents required to manage the business was a long, tedious and expensive process. 

Incfile changed this with its use of new technologies to simplify document editing processes and offer reliable legal documents at affordable and transparent prices.

Incfile offers three membership tiers for its business formation services: Silver, Gold and Platinum. All of the features in Platinum can be added to Silver or Gold at flat rates.

Pricing (one time)$0$149$299
Services providedFile Articles of Org.Silver package +Gold package +
Free Reg. Agent serviceOperating agreementBusiness contract templates 
Unlimited name searchesEIN bus. tax number Expedited filing
IRS form 2553Domain name & email
Lifetime filing alerts
Resolution to open bank a/c
Unlimited phone/email help
Dash for docs/status
Business bank a/c
Business tax consult

For entrepreneurs, startups and professionals who need to draft legal documents to create and grow their business, Incfile’s pricing structure is affordable and competitive.

State filing fees will differ depending upon the state you’re looking to form your company. 

Who should use Incfile?

Incfile is aimed at anyone wanting to form an LLC. However, the features and services offered are more suited to small business owners or those on a budget.

Often used by entrepreneurs interested in starting their own LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or Non-profit, customers find Incfile to be very quick and easy to use, with a crisp user platform to navigate the document and service updates. 

Incfile provides important documents you may need to operate your business, like an operating agreement and banking resolutions. Operating agreements outline your business’ rules, regulations and provisions, while a banking resolution will authorize you to open a bank account and operate it under your business’ name.

Individuals can also use Incfile for compliance and filing services.

Testing the creation of a document on Incfile

To test the Silver Package service offered by Incfile, we used the Incfile dashboard to sample the registration process for an LLC company in California.  

No registration process was required, which has its pros and cons. The interface was easy to understand however. We then proceeded with the various steps to register our company.

The procedure was as follows. The creation of the company required was straight forward with the user required to insert details using: 

  • Text into boxes including LLC name and address information 
  • Buttons to determine service option preferences (Free tax consultation etc)
  • Service add-ons

A percentage (%) progress bar at the top of the page detailed our progress towards the order completion. Our LLC order creation took between 5 – 10 minutes. 

For company formation in California, the steps are as follows:

  • Contact Person
  • Mailing Address
  • Selected regular or expedited State Filing Time option
  • Company info (Name, number of members, business purpose)
  • Management method
  • Company Address Information
  • Premium Service Package upgrade of $99 to receive an Employer Identification number i.e. an EIN/Tax ID Number & Business Contract Templates
  • Members Information for your LLC
  • Registered Agent Information
  • EIN / Tax Identification Number Information
  • Physical Street Address
  • Preferred method of delivery for business formation documents 
  • Tax Strategy / Free Consultation selection option
  • Business Licenses and Permits addon option: Incfile Licensing Specialist research to determine the licenses, permits and tax registration applications required for your business on a federal, state, county, and municipal level.
  • Review order for your business
  • Insert payment information & complete your order

Incfile users that upgrade to the Premium Service Package are granted access to over 25 Business Contract Templates:

Contract Templates of Incfile
Business Contract Templates

Good to know: Although not logged in, your company formation preferences and saved on Incfile should accidentally click out of the company formation steps. 

Clicking onto the homepage & company formation section will display a pop–up ‘It appears you may already have an order in progress: Resume Order or Start Over’.

We’ve tested multiple different forms for starting businesses online and Incfile offers a very great experience including:

  • An intuitive interface with useful explanations on additional legal requirements 
  • Quick setup (5 – 10 minutes for our order)

Services offered by Incfile 

Here we take a look at the services offered by Incfile to entrepreneurs and startups.

Incfile supports firms with:

Company incorporation services

The primary purpose of Incfile is to provide assistance to company owners in the process of establishing their companies.

Regardless of the state in which you do business, a representative from the firm will assist you with organizing and filing the necessary paperwork for your limited liability company (LLC) on the next business day.

In addition to that, the organization provides limitless business name searches, which will ensure that the name you choose for your future company will be completely original.

Document creation

Incfile offers more than 25 different types of documents in its Premium Service Package upgrade with access to Business Contract Templates including Operating Agreements, Banking Resolutions, Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements and more. 

These documents are very reliable and allow businesses to complete the document and stay up to date with the latest legal developments. 

Premium Service Package for Incfile
Premium Service Package options

Registered agent

It is mandatory for every U.S. company to use a registered agent. A person or organization that is authorized to receive tax and legal paperwork on behalf of a company is called the company’s “registered agent” under the business law of the United States.

Any company that is created on Incfile’s website is automatically assigned a registered agent, which satisfies this statutory need.

Registered Agent service for Incfile
Registered Agent option

File a Trademark

Does your company need the protection that a trademark may provide? Your needs are taken care of by Incfile.

The organization provides a package for registering a trademark that consists of a comprehensive search for already registered trademarks, the provision of legal guidance, as well as the preparation and submission of a trademark registration.

EIN and Paperwork Required by the IRS

Employer identification numbers, also known as tax ID numbers, consist of nine digits and are required for businesses in order to be allowed to create bank accounts in the name of the company and recruit personnel.

Incfile is able to receive the EIN and any other documents required from the IRS; however, this service is not part of the free plan offered by the firm.

Online access dashboard

Incfile has a Business Dashboard tool to help you streamline all your business startup needs in one place. 

This is where all of your business documents will live, along with up-to-date order statuses and reminders about renewal and compliance deadlines. 

Lifetime business notifications

Incfile provides its clients who have purchased the Gold or Platinum packages with a lifetime business alert function that includes courteous email reminders to keep you informed of forthcoming filing obligations in your state.

As a result of this feature, business owners won’t have to worry about missing important dates, which means that they’ll have much less stress to deal with. Additionally, Incfile guarantees that its clients will continue to comply with the law.

Order Summary for Incfile
Order Summary and pricing

Website and email set-up

Incfile partners with website hosting company SnapWeb to provide domain names and email addresses to its clients, allowing you to launch your business website. The feature is $20 per month and is included in Incfile’s Platinum membership fee.

Customer support 

Phone assistance is available to customers of Incfile from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST). It also has a customer support request form that can be found on their website.

The form states that someone will answer “as fast as possible” to any questions that are received, which is normally between one to three business days.

In addition, customers with a Gold or Platinum Incfile plan receive unrestricted access to the company’s phone and email assistance.

Incfile: Customer reviews

When writing this review, Incfile had more than 1,750 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.6/5. 

Customers tend to be very satisfied with the service and report points similar to those of our test: Easy setup and timely updates.

Incfile: Overall verdict

In our opinion, Incfile presents itself as an excellent option for small businesses and professionals who require a fast and experienced team to complete their company formation and legal services at a reasonable price.

The order creation is easy, with detailed explainers at each step, the user interface is excellent and offers the option of useful add-ons to expedite the service setup and a free tax consultation.


Summary of Incfile
Use cases
Document creation test
Services offered
Customer reviews
Overall verdict

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