Life coaching invoice template

Download our free invoice template and input your details.

Free Invoicing template

Need to send a life coach invoice to your client? Download our free invoice template in Word or Excel format. You can also follow our tips for sending an invoice that complies with the industry regulations.


Free Life Coaching Invoice Template
How much to bill for life coaching?
Essential requirements for a life coach template
Sample invoice
Is it mandatory to issue a life coach invoice?
Life coaching invoice alternatives

Free Life Coaching Invoice Template

Below you’ll find a free invoice template to download in both Word and Excel format:

If you are searching for an invoice template in PDF format, you may use the link above to download our invoice template in Word doc format and then use the print feature to export the file as a PDF.

How much to bill for life coaching?

The majority of life coaches charge their clients on an hourly basis, with hourly rates ranging anywhere from $50 to $500. The cost might vary widely based on the kind of coaching being provided, with business coaching often commanding a higher fee. The cost of personal coaching is determined, in part, by the level of experience and reputation of the coach.

A personal life coach may often charge anything from $80 to $210 an hour, with an average fee of $120 per hour for their services. A great number of trainers provide bundles, such as $320 a month for four sessions of thirty minutes each. A solution for a longer period of time may be $2000 for eight sessions of 90 minutes each. On the other hand, a life coach who works in a business environment can charge between $750 and $1,000 per month for their services.

The length of the mentoring relationship also has an effect on the cost, and how long it should last is determined by the objectives that are to be accomplished. Relationships with coaches may be on a short-term basis, lasting between three and six months, or they can be on a long-term one, lasting between one and two years.

Essential requirements for a life coaching invoice template

These sample invoices are easily customizable to meet the specific requirements of your company. To do this, just click on the link located above, download the template, and then fill in your data in the appropriate spaces.

The following necessary standards are specified in the Code of Federal Regulations for a business document to fulfill in order for it to be formally defined as an invoice in the U.S.

To provide a brief overview, the following should be included in the document:

  • The word “Invoice” was presented in a glaring font.
  • The complete names and addresses of both you and your clients
  • The date on the invoice
  • Due date for the payment
  • A distinctive invoice number
  • A summary of the goods or services that are being offered for sale
  • The amount as well as the cost of each goods and service
  • The date on which the goods or services were brought to the customer
  • The whole sum that must be paid.

Invoice calculations

After you have included these items, you will need to make sure that you input further data that provide a line item split of the Service or Product that you are billing your client for, as well as the specific date(s) on which the customer got it. If you provide a variety of services, you may separate them into individual line items and assign individual prices to each one.

To calculate the total amount owed for a single paragraph item, you must first multiply the number of hours or the quantity by your hourly rate. This is computed for you automatically in the Excel template that you’re using. After this, make sure that all of the statistics are accurate by double-checking the Grand Total, the Subtotal, and the Total payable (after you have inserted the exact tax rate%).

After this, all that is left to do is save the file containing the invoice and then send it off to the customer.


The rules pertaining to recordkeeping differ from state to state, much like the sales tax itself. Be sure to examine the laws in the state in where your company is located to ensure that you are in compliance with the particular standards, and do not forget to do so regularly.

Invoices sent to nations other than the United States often include contain a value-added tax, or VAT, number as well as a tax identification number. Invoices do not need to include the tax identification numbers that firms are issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for use in the tax system.

Payment collection

When it comes to the collection of payments, this will rely on the method of collection that you choose. Some commercial banks even have tools that enable you to update your invoices, while others, such as Novo, let its clients to produce and administer an unlimited amount of invoices for nothing using their mobile app.

Sample invoice

The following is an example of a completed sample invoice for a fictional company that needs to bill a fictional client.

Sample of a completed invoice document
Sample completed invoice

Is it mandatory to issue a life coaching invoice?

When compared to other nations, the standards governing invoicing are not enforced as strictly in the United States. Since it is not required to produce an invoice for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, a payment receipt can be the only document that needs to be sent by your company. On the other hand, you should send an invoice to a client (or consumer) who specifically requests that you do so.

If your company engages in business-to-business (B2B) transactions, or if it imports or exports commodities, you may be obligated to provide customers with invoices. You need to verify with the government of your state to find out the regulations for billing customers in your area.

The particular criteria may change from state to state, but it is more probable that they will be established by the contractual arrangements that are now in place between the parties involved than they would be by any particular legislative wording. In addition, it is strongly advised that you provide invoices if you sell things over the internet or to consumers located in a different country or region.

Life coaching invoice alternatives

Making use of a pre-made template for an invoice is both useful and straightforward. However, since the data and client information are entered manually, mistakes are possible, and the danger of making an error with either your customers’ details or your own company’s is clear.

If the newly established requirements for invoicing are not followed, previously compliant invoices may become problematic as a result of changes in the law. We strongly suggest that you use the invoicing and accounting software instead so that you can generate invoices that are consistent, dependable, and appear professional.

You’ll be able to generate trustworthy invoices for a few cents to dozens of dollars every month, and you’ll also have access to a wide variety of other tools that can help you save time, such as the following:

  • Customer management
  • Personalized estimates and bills are provided.
  • Suppliers management
  • Statement of the bank’s reconciliation
  • Tax calculation
  • Document storage
  • The publication of invoices using an automatic numbering system
  • The computerization of formerly manual administrative processes (Tax)
  • Continuity in regard to your payments
  • Online bill payment


What is an invoice

The seller often sends the customer a document known as an invoice in order to collect money from the buyer. It takes into account the price of any goods bought or services provided to the consumer as part of the transaction.

How to send an invoice

A consumer may get an invoice in the mail, by email, or generated automatically by accounting software. If your customer does not have access to email or an online billing system, you should print off your invoice and deliver it to them by regular mail.

What is an invoice number

Simply put, an invoice order number is a one-of-a-kind record number that is issued to each and every invoice that you issue. You have the option of manually creating this number while you are sending the invoice, or the number may be produced automatically by the invoicing software that you use, if you utilize it.

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