Free videography invoice template

Download our free invoice template and input your details.

Free Invoicing template

In need of a free videography invoice? Download our free invoice template in Word or Excel format. You can also follow our tips for sending an invoice that complies with the industry regulations.


Free Videography Invoice Template
How much should I bill for videography work?
Essential requirements for a videography invoice template
Sample invoice
Is it mandatory to issue a videography invoice?
Videography invoice alternatives

Free Videography Invoice Template

Below you’ll find a free invoice template to download in both Word and Excel format:

Those in need of a PDF invoice template may get one by downloading our Word doc invoice template up above, then printing the document.

How much should I bill for videography work?

You may get started with a day fee of $160 if you’re just getting started. Since videography is a specialist ability, a day rate of $160 translates to an hourly rate of $20. Therefore, the compensation exceeds that of a generalist talent. However, it’s not so high that your chances of being hired would suffer if you don’t have a lot of experience and polish.

Whenever you feel confident in your ability to capture stunning visuals and craft a compelling narrative via editing, you may increase your day charge to $210 and your edit rate to $110. This not only conveys the unique worth of your filmmaking and editing expertise, but also effectively doubles your revenue.

As your skills improve, your fee will increase to $360 per day plus $155 for editing. At this point, you should consider switching to a different pricing structure for your video production. The best way to maximize your earnings from videography is to set prices on a per-project basis. Clients’ attention is diverted from the amount of work you put into the production when you charge by the project. After the film is finished, they consider how useful it will be in accomplishing their objectives.

A film that you spend a few days on might generate a client hundreds or millions in income for the correct ad targeted smartly, especially as you’re more proficient. That’s much superior than your daily fee of $360.

Essential requirements for a videography invoice template

You may modify these invoice samples to fit your own requirements. To do so, just use the link above to get the necessary template, then fill it up with your information.

The following required requirements are set in the Code of Federal Regulations for a business document to be officially protected as an invoice in the U.S.

In a nutshell, here is what the paper needs to include:

  • Across the top, it said “Invoice.”
  • What your complete name and where you live are
  • Billing date
  • Time of payment is due
  • A one-of-a-kind identifier for an invoice
  • An explanation of what is being sold
  • Quantity and cost of each item or service
  • Date of delivery of goods or provision of services
  • In sum, the whole total of what is owed

Invoice calculations

Once these have been entered, you must provide further information detailing the Service/Product you are billing for and the date(s) the client got it. You may itemize your services and the prices associated with them if you provide more than one.

A line item’s total may be calculated by multiplying the number of hours worked or the amount of that line item by the hourly rate. This is done mechanically in the Excel sample file. Following this, double-check the Grand Total, Detail Total, and Tax Due (after applying the appropriate tax rate) to be sure nothing was missed.

After that, you may only email the customer the saved invoice file.


States have different recordkeeping obligations, much like sales tax. To ensure your company is operating within the bounds of the law, it is imperative that you research the relevant statutes in your state of business.

Invoices issued in countries other than the United States often additionally need a VAT or tax identification number. Businesses may get tax IDs from the IRS, but they aren’t compelled to include them on customer invoices.

Payment collection

When it comes to receiving payments, how you go about doing so is entirely up to you. Invoice editing functionality is available at certain commercial banks, and apps like Novo make it possible for users to produce and manage an infinite number of invoices without incurring any fees.

Sample invoice

Here is a finished example invoice for a made-up firm that has to charge its made-up customer.

Sample of a completed invoice document
Sample completed invoice

Is it mandatory to issue a videography invoice?

Invoicing in the United States is less regulated than in other nations. For B2C transactions, an invoice isn’t always required, thus a simple receipt for payment can be all that’s needed instead. In contrast, you must produce an invoice if a client (end user) requests one.

Some business-to-business (B2B) transactions, as well as imports and exports, could need the use of invoices. If you have questions about the invoicing standards in your state, you should contact that agency directly.

While the precise legal stipulations may differ from one state to the next, the contractual provisions already in place between the parties are more likely to serve as a guiding principle than any enacted statute. In addition, sending out invoices is a must whether you sell your items online or to buyers outside of your country.

Videography invoice alternatives

An invoice template is a useful and easy tool that may help you send invoices quickly. However, mistakes are possible owing to the manual entering of data and client information, and there is a clear danger of making an error with your customers’ or business’s details.

When laws are amended, even invoices that were legal before may cause issues if the new regulations are not followed. We suggest using the accounting software instead, since this will allow you to generate bills that are uniform, trustworthy, and presentable.

You can get all the time-saving tools you need, including the ability to create professional-looking invoices for only a few dollars or tens of dollars every month with services including:

  • Customer management
  • Individualized price estimates and bills
  • Procurement administration
  • Cash-to-Check Receipt Form
  • Accounting for Taxes
  • Confidential record keeping
  • Invoices are automatically numbered after publication.
  • Procedures in the bureaucracy are automated (Tax)
  • Your payments must be followed via a banking connect
  • Paying your bills online


What is an invoice?

The purpose of an invoice sent by a seller to a purchaser is to request payment for goods or services. It comprises the price of the things acquired or services supplied to the customer.

How to send an invoice?

Invoices may be sent to customers using conventional mail, electronic mail, or automated software. Send your invoice, even if your customer doesn’t have access to email or a web-based invoicing system.

What is an invoice number?

If you send invoices, it’s a good idea to give each one a unique number. Either utilize the system-generated number provided by your billing software, or produce a new one when sending the invoice.

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