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Do you need to provide your customer with a rapid quote? Save time by using our free quote template (available in both Word and Excel formats). You can also follow our tips for sending a quote that complies with the industry regulations.


Free Commercial Photography Quote Template
How to complete the Commercial Photography quote template?
Sample quote
Is a quote legally binding?
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Free Commercial Photography Quote Template

You can access a free Word or Excel quote template down below:

For those looking for a PDF quote template, you can download our Word doc quote template above and save the file as a PDF using the print function. 

How to complete the commercial photography quote template?

This quote template can be adapted to meet the needs of your commercial photography business. To do so, download the quote template in the format that suits and insert the key elements including your name, company name, customers name and current date. Every single citation has to have a sequential number that corresponds to the next one in the sequence.

After this, you can designate the services/products sold as well as the quantity and unit price. The total excluding tax should represent the quantity x the unit price excluding tax (this total is calculated automatically in the Excel quote template but not in the Word template). Then ensure check that the total of the estimate represents the sum of the products or services.

Once completed, all you have to do is print it and send it to your client.

Sample quote

The following is an example of a completed quotation for a fictional company that needs to send a quote to a fictional client.

Completed Quote template sample
Sample Completed Quote

Any financial costings for work yet to be conducted can be referred to as an estimate (or quotation). As a result, it is fixed, and after it has been acknowledged by the client, it should not be modified in any way (except if the client changes the quantity or kind of work that is necessary, or should you find anything that is beyond the range of what was negotiated upon).

The following components should be included in a quote:

  • The information about the consumer
  • Job description
  • Exhaustive cost-breakdown information
  • Services that are covered and those that are not
  • A comprehensive description of the process through which you accomplished the breakdown
  • Conditions and terms of use
  • Date when the price will be calculated and shown in the quotation
  • Provision for signatures and a stamp of approval

Is a quotation enforceable under the law?

A quotation is not the same thing as a legally enforceable contract. According to the principles of contract law, only offers are regarded as being legally binding, and a quotation is not the same thing. Having said that, accepting a quotation has the potential to initiate the formation of a legally enforceable deal if certain requirements are met. For a deal to be legally binding, it is necessary for both parties to concede that they will give something up.

The following are the steps that need to be taken before a quotation may be turned into a contract:

  • The quotation is sent in by the supplier to the customer.
  • The customer decides to go ahead and place an order after accepting the estimate.
  • The order is accepted by the provider.

To illustrate, a florist may send a customer an email including a written quotation for $2,000 for one day of flower labor. The customer responds to the quotation with an email stating that they accept it and want to go through with the transaction.

The florist sends another email to the customer to express their gratitude and reaffirm that they will deliver the job on the agreed upon date and charge $2,000 for it. At this point, there is a contract in place that is legally enforceable.

Quote template alternatives

Utilizing a quotation template is an efficient and straightforward way to get your work done. However, since the data and client information are entered manually, mistakes are possible, and the danger of making an error with either your customers’ information or your own company’s facts is clear.

We strongly suggest that you consider an accounting software package instead so that you can generate quotations that are trustworthy, consistent, and seem professional.

You’ll be able to generate accurate quotes and take use of a wide variety of other time-saving features for a monthly fee that ranges from a few dollars to dozens of dollars. These benefits include the following:

  • Customer management
  • Personalized estimates and bills
  • Suppliers management
  • Record of the withdrawals & deposits from the institution via a statement
  • Tax calculation
  • Document storage
  • Invoices that have been published become automatically numbered.
  • Automation of clerical and administrative processes (Tax)
  • Continuity in the processing of payments via a bank
  • Online bill payment


Is a commercial photography quote quote binding?

A commercial photography quote should not be treated as legal contract. On the other hand, there are circumstances in which accepting a quotation becomes a legally enforceable deal. In order to construct a legally binding agreement, both parties must be willing to make certain concessions.

What happens once a commercial photography quote is sent?

After submitting a commercial photography quotation, you will have to wait for a response from the client. Customers sign quotes once they either accept them as-is or request and approve revisions. After selecting an appropriate invoice template, your company can quickly send an invoice to the customer in order to collect payment.

What should a commercial photography quote template include?

A commercial photography quotation should contain client information, the work description, an entire cost analysis, activities incorporated and excluded, materials to be added, contract terms, a date for signing and approval, and a place for signing and authorization.

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